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Architecture independent installer

WiX Windows InstallerThis is a continuation of my series on WiX Windows Installers. In this part we talk about making the installer architecture independent.

To be clear: MSI-installers do not support both 32 and 64 bit platforms, but are built for one or the other.

To get around this you can create a “bootstrapper”.
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Passing parameter to a WiX msi installer

WiX Windows InstallerIt’s pretty much impossible to pass a parameter to a msi installer downloaded. There’s the possibility of deploying a web-based click-once application from Visual Studio, but passing arguments to the installer requires the end user to use the IE browser – and who the would want to do that?

The WiX framework is a great and powerful one for creating installers. If you need to pass a parameter to a WiX based msi installer you can use two methods as far as I know. Both are based on the filename the user downloads so there’s no need for per-user compilation or anything like that.

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Selenium for

Selenium HQHave you found a need to automate a process with just a web UI available? Where there’s no API, repetitive task can take ages and be most destructive on the patience of a programmer that knows most things can be automated.

There is an option though.. It’s called Selenium (I was informed by my friend at

Selenium allows you to simulate a “human” browsing any html webpage and perform actions.

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