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Installing printer driver for Remote Desktop (Terminal Services)

Remote DesktopInstalling printers for RDP is seldom straight forward, but when it comes to HP super-user-friendly driver installs it’s super¬†interesting.

The only driver available for this one printer I was going to install for a client (HP p1102) was a user friendly and very good looking installation wizard which required the printer to be plugged in. I’m not about to borrow the printer, get it to the datacenter and plug it in..

When you run the installer, the actual printer driver is extracted to a temporary directory. I noticed this using procmon. For this HP driver, the path was: “C:\Users\<User>\AppData\Local\Temp\<RandomName>”. The installer will prompt you to plug in the printer. When you cancel this operation, the temp directory containing the drivers is deleted.

Here’s what you need to do:
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Setting up Windows Server 2008 Server Core

Windows Server 2008 CoreWindows Server 2008 comes with a neet server core installation mode. This is a stripped down version of the OS where all graphics and lot of ¬†applications are removed. If you’ve been working with Linux systems parallel with Windows you have probably experienced that the less Windows the better. If you do need to run Windows, this is probably the best alternative.

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