Domains, how do they work?

DomainsWe all use them all the time, but what is a domain, really?

Alot of people ask me who sells a domain? Isn’t it just a made up string? How can anyone claim to own any made up string and sell it as a product?

Well, compare it to the address of your home. It’s not a “thing” you buy. You buy the house, and the address is attached to the house – or rather, your property. As with domains you could just make up an address, but it would be of no use if nobody recognized the made up address as an actual address.. Well, this metaphore only gets us so far.

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findqatar.comI’ve been neglecting the blog for a while now as I’ve been working on a new portal called

The site is built on LAMP + solr ++. It’s been great fun and still is. When I get the chance I’ll be sure to share some observations.

Setting up Windows Server 2008 Server Core

Windows Server 2008 CoreWindows Server 2008 comes with a neet server core installation mode. This is a stripped down version of the OS where all graphics and lot of ¬†applications are removed. If you’ve been working with Linux systems parallel with Windows you have probably experienced that the less Windows the better. If you do need to run Windows, this is probably the best alternative.

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Selenium for

Selenium HQHave you found a need to automate a process with just a web UI available? Where there’s no API, repetitive task can take ages and be most destructive on the patience of a programmer that knows most things can be automated.

There is an option though.. It’s called Selenium (I was informed by my friend at

Selenium allows you to simulate a “human” browsing any html webpage and perform actions.

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BBC – the Virtual Revolution

I’m a sucker for documentaries. For a quick insight in the history of the world wide web, I recommend the BBC documentary The Virtual Revolution.

Some pretty influential personalities interviewed here in a quite impressive BBC production.

Tabs with jQuery

jqueryThere are alot of tab plug-ins for jQuery out there, but just for a simple couple of tabs, I didn’t really see the point of making it that complicated..

Our goal is to create two simple tabs that toggle two divs with each its content.

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