Useful Links

Lorem Ipsum, go …. yourself.

Excellent VPS (Virtual Private Server) Provider – courtesy of my earlier colleague, Joar.

XML/SWF Charts
Great charting tool (free to use, cheap to buy) – courtesy of my earlier colleague, Sindre.

Best PHP editor I’ve tried.

Best Next best PHP editor I’ve tried.

Google Analytics
Great tool to get to know about your visitors. Implement it with your webshop and trace your sales by linking up to your adWords account. Powerful stuff indeed!

Beautifully created framework for javascript. I hardly do any javascript without it anymore.
Information about the webhosting industry. Useful stats to help determine market shares.


Joar blog
Useful tips and tricks. Mostly Linux related.
Morten surf site
Surf site =)
Morten blog
Java stuff
Edvin blog
Java stuff
Bob blog

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